Harm such oil you can not help

Harm such oil you can not help Believe me, the beauty of the bottle does not ensure product quality.

The fact that instead of natural oils you can buy it "natural copy" - it is an oil and recreated synthetically mimics natural fragrances.

Harm such oil you can not help him as not wait.

Such "natural copies" are cheaper, but the effect is approximately equal to a simple air freshener: only smell, and positive emotions - zero.

Therefore, if you do decide to transform themselves using aromatherapy kopeynichayte not remember - to save on your health and beauty is just silly! Secondly, if you went on vacation in the overseas country, do not rush to buy there aromatic oils.

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Put a couple of weeks

Put a couple of weeks The lotion is very useful for any skin.

Cucumber Lotion Chopped cucumber slices, put them in a bottle and fill it with vodka or diluted purified Aptekarsky alcohol.

Put a couple of weeks in the sun, then cucumber water ready.

Its use undiluted, wetting it a cotton swab and rubbing his face.

Cucumber water is considered the best folk remedy for softening the skin.

7 Secret Body Care Using moisturizers for the face, body care better without them.

Argued that applying body lotions, you will have a smooth and delicate skin.

. . . . . .

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Sit freely. Deep

Sit freely. Deep Result Correct position for continuing training.

Beautiful posture and weightless head, "elongated" spine, shoulders relaxed.

Advice from Benita Kantieni When performing this exercise you will understand more and why in disputes and in stressful situations voice "low": as soon as you come in or stubborn rage, attacking or defending, chin forward or pull the head back, you pinch the larynx, and your voice sounds a lot worse than it seems.

Check it out in the near emotional conversation.

Sit freely.

Deep breath, exhale full.

Shoulders relaxed lower back down the outside.

. . . .

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Lasting change

Lasting change All depends entirely on you, on your perseverance and patience.

Lasting change will come, as has been said, after ten weeks, it does not mean that one morning you wake up a completely different woman.

The results will delight you daily.

A month later my friends say that I look better than they were five years ago.

My eyes glistened extinct within a week.

A neck, which did not yield any tapping, no souls, no compression, rejuvenated in three weeks.

Difficult to correct saggy cheeks, but they will eventually be defeated by your perseverance.

Even if you feel that you will not achieve improvement, continue to work on this difficult section.

. . . . . .

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The back should

The back should 2 Stretch up the spine like a string of pearls: coccyx, sacrum, thoracic vertebrae, upper back and neck.

Feel each vertebra.

Continue this line even higher.

Now focus on the highest point of the neck.

Imagine that here you are attached to the sky thread, like a puppet ( .

Available lower your shoulders back, down, out and relax in length (this does not mean: obmyaknut!).

You have to sit nicely, freely and properly simultaneously.

The back should be straight and stretched.

Give yourself some time and try to experience "a sense of length.

. . . . . .

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Afternoon Afternoon snack Tea; banana.

Dinner 80 g lean ham; egg; 100 g of vegetables; crispbread; 10 g butter; juice.

The second day First breakfast A glass of tea; small bun with bran.

Lunch 200 g carrot salad.

Lunch 50 g beef stew; 100 grams of potatoes; mineral water.

Afternoon snack Coffee and milk (100 g).

Dinner 150 g of baked fish fillets; 150 grams of spinach; mineral water.

Third Day First breakfast 30 grams of ham; 20 g of crackers; tea.

Lunch Large grapefruit.

Lunch 150 grams of meat with carrots and potatoes (200 g).

. . . . . .

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1 drop of geranium

1 drop of geranium Aromatherapy against frigidity Incenses.

Passion can restore using the oils of geranium, ylang-ylang, mint, cedar, nutmeg and patchouli.

These oils are combined as follows.

1 drop of geranium oil + 1 drop cedar + 2 drops of nutmeg.

2 drops of patchouli oil + 3 drops of peppermint.

1 drop of nutmeg + 4 drops of cedar.


Sprinkle in your aromamedalon 3 drops of nutmeg, or 3 drops of sage, or 2 drops of cinnamon or 2 drops of patchouli.

. . . . . .

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